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Fire Alarm

Multisensor Detector

The Signature Series Model SIGA-PS Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector gathers analog information from its smoke sensing element and converts it into digital signals. The detector’s on-board microprocessor measures and analyzes these signals. It compares the information to historical readings and time patterns to make an alarm decision. Digital filters remove signal patterns that are not typical of fires. Unwanted alarms are virtually eliminated. The microprocessor in each detector provides four additional benefits - Self-diagnostics and History Log, Automatic Device Mapping, Stand-alone Operation and Fast, Stable Communication.

  • Self-diagnostics and History Log : Each Signature Series detector constantly runs self-checks to provide important maintenance information. The results of the self-check are automatically updated and permanently stored in the detector’s non-volatile memory
  • Automatic Device Mapping :The loop controller learns where each device’s serial number address is installed relative to other devices on the circuit. The mapping feature provides supervision of each device’s installed location to prevent a detector from being reinstalled (after cleaning etc.) in a different location from where it was originally.
  • Stand-alone Operation :A decentralized alarm decision by the detector is guaranteed. On-board intelligence permits the detector to operate in stand-alone mode. If loop controller CPU communications fail for more than four seconds, all devices on that circuit go into stand-alone mode. The circuit acts like a conventional alarm receiving circuit